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Nuerth Medicine and Dr. Sotomayor are providing cutting edge medical care utilizing plasmalogen precursor technology as a Dr. Goodenowe Research Institute Certified Plasmalogen Practitioner.

What are Plasmalogens?

Plasmalogens are very important components of cell membrane building blocks found all throughout the body.


They are seen in high concentrations in important organ structures like the brain (about 20% of its content), heart, kidney, lung, and eyes.


They function as the most important and front-line antioxidant in the body and also have potent anti-inflammatory effects.


Having optimal levels is important in overall health and longevity especially within the nervous system.


There are two main classes of plasmalogen supplements: Omega-9 containing Plasmalogen precursors important in optimizing cellular functions of the heart, nervous system, myelin, (nerve protective coating) and brain white matter.


Omega-3 containing plasmalogen precursors are essential in optimizing cellular functions of brain gray matter, overall nerve functionality, and for neuromuscular synaptic function.


In healthy young individuals the body can normally make plasmalogens as needed however as we age or develop a multitude of neurodegenerative disorders and other disease states our ability to produce enough plasmalogens to repair and have optimal cellular functions becomes impaired. We now have the ability to precisely elevate specific plasmalogens of interest in order to promote health and well-being. These plasmalogens have been clinically shown to improve diseases/disorders such as: Dementia, Parkinson’s, Cognitive decline, Autism, Chronic inflammatory response syndrome (aka fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue/covid long-haulers), multiple sclerosis, ADHD, post concussive syndrome etc.


Nuerth Medicine engages in preventative medicine by using plasmalogens to protect against various degenerative conditions. Plasmalogens improve cognitive abilities and mobility. In addition, they decrease lipid peroxidation, that’s been implicated in damage to the cell membrane itself leading to cellular dysfunction and eventual disease states.


We believe future research will continue to showcase the incredible power of plasmalogens to not only improve additional disease states but to prevent them as well.

This is the future of medicine!

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